Every message and communication literature that UKBE creates conforms to the minimum levels set out by the Behavioural Insights Team in London. The BIT uses a four letter acronym, EAST, which covers this:

Easy – Makes the desired behaviour the easiest course of action

Attractive – Draws attention using colors, images, or personalisation

Social – Uses networks of people to show others behaving the same way

Timely – Is shown at the optimum time for effectiveness

Humans are social beings and most of us like to conform our behaviour in line with the majority; invoking this mindset in the messaging is the most challenging aspect.

Reducing waste in North Somerset

This project is a collaboration between UKBE and North Somerset Council. It aims to reduce the costs of waste for NS Council by encouraging residents to recycle more. The project will apply Behavioural Economics using the EAST principles to effect changes in the council’s current messaging, in order to move residents toward recycling more.

The project is currently in the information gathering phase; this involves going out with the recycling crews and assessing the current situation in the targeted areas, in order to determine which trials to run. The selected trials will then be run and the resulting data analysed to assess the levels of success. The next steps will be determined based on these results.